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In the midst of the Aegean Sea, surrounded by the rest of the “fellow” Cyclades Islands, lies the island of Paros.

Known for its fine parian marble in the ancient years, modern Paros has become the destination for great fun and vacation and has something to offer to different tastes. Parikia is the capital city of Paros, or else the “chora” as we here say it. With its narrow hand-paved alleys, various little shops, cafes, artisan bakeries, restaurants, bars and hotels, it is preferred by many tourists as their base for their holidays on the island.

Overlooking the port entrance of Parikia, on top of a mountain and close to the Monastery of the Christ of the Woods, is the complex of Atlas Villas.

The local Parian artist, respecting the environment, combined his skill and wisdom to provide sustainable solutions to ease everyday life, by creating structures with an amazing aesthetic result, which appear to be an extension of the Parian nature. Traditional houses in all of the Cycladic island complex, are built using only local materials, thus making the houses bioclimatic. The result is a stable indoor micro-climate, keeping it cool in the midst of August.

To make your stay easier, hassle-free and more enjoyable, we can arrange for a special rental car package with our cooperating car rental company.

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In an olive grove, with its thick stone walls, wooden arches, sea blue windows and shutters and shady pergola, GAEA accommodates four persons (with the ability for one more). Spacious rooms, fully equipped kitchen, and frequent housekeeping make your stay as homely as possible.

Satellite TV and Wi-Fi for the tech lovers that, by no means surpasses the greatness of the spectacular view over the port.

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Petite but picturesque, as it accommodates only three, Uranus is the fine expression of Parian builder’s art. Hand drew paved veranda, wooden wind breaking windows and shutters painted in the colour of the Aegean Sea, a small marble sink [“gourna” in Greek] and a spacious garden to calm the senses. The interior smartly decorated to take advantage of every corner of the house. Mounted cabinets and wall built couches, compatible with the local architecture, fully equipped kitchen, frequent housekeeping, TV and Wi-Fi and the Aegean on your lap!

Stay in Uranus
private location

3 km from the island port and the main city, Parikia, is the Atlas Villas complex. In a 6.400 sq.m. estate, with olive and palm trees, no neighbours are around to spoil your peace of mind. The only sounds you hear, are the goats grazing and the cicadas (jarflies). Other than that, it is you, the sun, the wind, the blue sky and the Aegean Sea.

breathtaking view

How can we describe the view? No restrictions, nothing on the horizon but the pure magnificence of the Cycladic Islands lying in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.

wi-fi, sat tv

Don’t want to miss on what is going on the world? Free Wi-Fi and satellite TV are there to fill in the missing news.

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Private Location

The 6.400 sq.m estate is located above the noisy port and town; it is quite and tranquil.

Breathtaking View

The Aegean Sea in all its glory!


Free in the grounds of the estate - only for visitors.

Sat TV

News, fashion, films, music: all for you to enjoy!

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we can arrange for a special rental car package with our cooperating car rental company.

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Paros Island, Greece

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Low Season
1/4 - 31/5
1/9 - 31/10
Gaea: 150€
  • Accommodates 4 visitors
Uranus: 80€
  • Accommodates 2 visitors
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Medium Season
1/6 - 10/7

Gaea: 180€
  • Accommodates 4 visitors
Uranus: 100€
  • Accommodates 2 visitors
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High Season
11/7 - 31/8

Gaea: 240€
  • Accommodates 4 visitors
Uranus: 130 €
  • Accommodates 2 visitors
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